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Fresh Violet aka Yung Fresh Vizzy aka Vizzy Da 5’3” is a break out rapper and producer from Australia. Her lyrical prowess, slick production and energetic live shows have been turning heads all around the country. Fresh is a truly unique presence in Australia’s music scene. As a producer and musician as well as a rapper, Fresh creates an enigmatic sound all of her own.

Fresh spent many years sharpening her skills before releasing her debut EP 'ACKBARS' on May the 4th, 2018. The project received an enthusiastic response from fans and the media alike. All 6 tracks received airplay across the country including spins on Triple J for 'Headline Level' and 'No Sheep'. Fresh has been referred to as "One of the most promising voices in Aus Hip Hop" by Beat Mag, "One of the most entertaining emcee's on the come-up" by All Aussie Hip Hop and "One of the best in the underground right now" by Triple J.

Fresh is well known and loved for her live shows which she has been touring around Australia. Fresh's versatility, raw power and off-the-wall persona that shines through in her performances has solidified her as a titan among her peers and keeps her in high demand all over the country, performing at festivals such as 'The Town', 'Leaps and Bounds Festival' and ‘Melbourne Writers Festival’ as well as supporting Hip Hop legends including Snak the Ripper, Butterfingers, Mistress of Ceremony, P.Smurf, Rapaport, N'Fa and many more.

Fresh has recently finished a national tour with Mammal and Osaka Punch and is now preparing to launch her debut album ‘50 Shades of Violet’.

Photography by @_sams_shots_